Monday, October 31, 2011

Love handles

Raise your hand if you eat your kid's Halloween candy. Go ahead. You know you do it. A few days ago I saw Jason eye balling Marin's candy bag and I shouted, "I call the milkduds!" There is literally so much candy in my house right now, it's insane. And the main trick or treating doesn't even start for another two hours.

During a recent lunch with my BFF, I mentioned that it turns out that I might have to actually exercise to lose the rest of my stubborn baby weight. Ugh. Major bummer. Especially because I don't own a gym membership, nor am I dying to take the time to work out during the very small window of time that I have to relax in the day- which is after both girls are asleep, and I am usually blissfully sitting next to my hubby on the couch, mindlessly shoveling cookies in my mouth. Oh yeah, that could be another reason I remain plumper than normal.

It's not like I just sit around on my duff all day. In fact, I rarely sit at all except to maybe write this blog and feed Emilie. And even that's not guaranteed. We walk everywhere when even remotely possible and I climb the darn stairs what feels like 1,000 times a day. Yet, you can literally grab fistfuls of fat at my waistline. Fistfuls. That's not good. Why are they called love handles, anyway? Is the fluffy name supposed to pull at our feminine heart strings and make us feel better about being fat? It's not working for me. You could call them cuddly little puppy handles. A fistful is a fistful. And I've got 'em.

I know, I know... I just had a baby, and I shouldn't be so hard on myself.... blah, blah, blah. I already know all that, and I'm not feeling even a second sorry for myself, and I'm certainly not asking you to. I just wish that I could blink my eyes and have Michelle Obama's arms and Reese Witherspoon's body. Is that too much to ask?

What's that? Oh, they both work their a's off for their bodies? Shoot. Don't moms go through enough to carry, birth and raise the baby? Shouldn't that warrant some kind of automatic free pass at the waistline? Like, "Oh, thank you for bringing a child into this world. From here forward you are allowed to eat limitless Reese's peanut butter cups, and never gain a pound!" How great would that be? One can dream. But it is a stretch, so I guess that means if I no longer want my rear to sprawl the width of the mirror when I am occasionally brave enough to turn and look, I am going to have to change some habits. And if I want to banish my muffin top, I guess I'm going to have to eat fewer cookies.

But at least Halloween is nearly over. Just in time for a holiday dedicated to a meal, and another one right behind it laced with cookies. Shoot again.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dear Firemen:

Do you know those signs that people put in their windows: "Dear Firemen, in case of a fire please save our pets: 1 dog, 4 cats, and 2 rabbits" or whatever the case may be? Mine should say, "Dear Firemen, in case of fire please save: 2 girls, 1 dog, 2 handmade bookshelves. Allow me to explain.

My dad made both Marin and Emilie a beautiful handmade bookshelf for their rooms when they were born. Emilie just got hers the other night. There are so many pretty details that my sweet dad accounted for, and so much thought went into every cut. And the best part, he signed the back of them with a little note. If there is ever a fire, I will first save the living things. But then I'm going back for those bookshelves.

My dad hopes that they will carry them with them throughout their lives. He says that no matter how sentimental they are to me, someday one of them is going to want to put stickers on it or take it to college and paint it black. I would die. I practically polish them. He just wants it to be their own.

Thank you, Daddy. We love you.



Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Patches!

What is Fall without a trip to the Pumpkin Patch?! And when does Patterson bunch miss a reason to celebrate? You're right, never. So to the pumpkin patch we went! Twice.

First we joined our neighbors at Goebbert's Pumpkin Patch. The highlights here other than the absolutely amazing day, were feeding a giraffe, seeing a real live llama llama red pajama, Marin's first pony ride and picking our pumpkin right off the stalk! Marin ran like the wind with her friends Finn and Parker, rode on a hayride, and on the train, blowing her little train whistle the whole time. Emilie loved the fresh air, and being pushed around taking in the sights. What a fantastic day together!

A few weeks later, Grandma took the girls and me to Kuipers' Pumpkin Patch. When my mom retired in the spring, she said the thing she was most excited for was taking her grandchildren to the pumpkin patch. We were derailed twice by weather, but we got it in, and had a great day! Marin loved the games and swings- naturally, making friends with three ten year olds about five minutes into our day. She also got to feed the goats, (when it was time to go she told them, "Excuse me, goats. I have to go to see the horsies now. Okay?! See you later!"), and slide down an enormous slide staked on top of hay. We ended the day with fresh apples, apple cider and a homemade doughnut! Three cheers for fall! Three cheers for Grandma!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Who's Life is This?

Ok Moms, do you ever find yourself mid- toddler on the pot yelling for help, dog running in circles, baby screaming her lungs off- moment and think, "Who's life is this?"

No? Just me? Here are some cute pictures that make me glad that although my quiet days are most certainly history for at least 17 more years, I'm sure glad this life is mine.