Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Add one more...And now we're FOUR!

Someone pinch me.

Marin is going to be a big sister!

No lie. I'm 12 weeks pregnant; due May 9th. Can you handle the excitement? You probably can; because it's not your baby. But we definitely cannot.

I'll tell you what else I can't do: Keep food down. Can't even keep water down. It's ugly. My diet consists of white rice with a side of saltine crackers. Dry white toast on good days. And, since we try to eat all whole grains, we had none of this in our house, so we had to go out and stock up on it all. Now that I'm nearing the end of the first trimester, it is getting better... slowly.

And speaking of slow. I move at a snails pace. Literally. I have zero- and I mean z-e-r-o energy. I am completely debilitated. For a girl that hates naps, and literally never sits down, I am living on the couch and saying things like "I just have to shut my eyes for a few hours". I live for the minute Jason gets home so I can just go to sleep. I go days without showering, because I can't bare the thought of all the energy it would exert.

The house is a disaster. Bless Jason's heart; I think he's ready to trade me in for the updated model (and one who preferably showers and bushes her hair on a consistent basis) He works all day and then comes home to clean up after Marin and me, make dinner for everyone, give Marin a bath and put her to bed. Totally single dad'n it, but I am a big giant waste of baby brewing space. However, in the spirit of total honesty, as helpful as Jas is, he's no nurse. It doesn't seem that taking care of another grown adult who is otherwise totally capable, is high on his list of strengths. Point being: we all want me to be back to normal.

All that aside: We feel incredibly blessed and excited and just about everything else that you can feel. We decided to stick with the clearblue easy like last time and as soon as that puppy read "pregnant" we ran upstairs to wake Marin up and were sure she was the first we told that we would soon become four. She said, "Big Sis" when we told her she was going to be a big sister! I'm SURE she hasn't a clue what is in store for her next Spring, but I am certain she will quickly assert herself as boss as soon as the baby has one little bonnet in the door.

A Sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's!

Saturday was Jason and my six year wedding anniversary. After a treat to get a mani/pedi in the morning (and a daddy/daughter date for breakfast while I was away) we took Marin to the Morton Arboretum where Jason and I were married. We hadn't been back since (shameful!) and we were anxious to relive old memories and introduce Marin to the gorgeous trails and changing colors of fall. We had a great visit on a picturesque fall day- much like the day we had six years prior.

On the walk back to our car, we passed a bride and groom and their wedding party. Marin was in the middle of a full blown meltdown- she was tired, hungry, and thirsty. I felt like pulling the blushing bride aside and after informing her that I was in her shoes exactly six years ago, telling her to take a hard look at her future. But that would have been weird. And a little too smug for her occasion. Plus, like I once was, I'm sure she is under the impression that her children will never throw tantrums.

Marin did quickly calm down when she had a snack and some water. And her energy was back to 1000 by the time we pulled into Grandma and Grandpas house shortly after. While Jason and I went out for a quiet night together, Marin had a sleep over at Grandma and Grandpas. She wrote us this email the next morning. It's amazing how she learned to write so quickly, and does so so similarly to grandma, but it was clearly signed by Marin, so who am I to second guess? :)

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

I am having the best time!
Grandma and I walked in the leaves with my car while Grandpa made dinner.
Boy, was it good. I had filet, cauliflower in cheese sauce, potato, and best of all,
cottage cheese.
I had raisins for dessert while sitting in my green chair, feet up on coffee table, contemplating cooking with measuring cups
and measuring spoons, and watching a little 30 Rock. G and G didn't want to watch Dexter until I went to bed.
We read books, played with blocks, took a long bath, and I went to bed about 8:40.
They tried to put me to bed at 8:15 but I cried and Grandma said I could cuddle. It makes her happy and I love getting up and down from
the chair, I climb up on the bottom and pretend it's a mountain. I stand really tall, think I'm about to fly, and Grandma takes my hand.
She's so silly. Then I fall down on her tummy and she hugs me and says she loves me.
I cried at 8:40 a little when I left Grandma's lap. I put my head down right away and pretended to sleep. Grandpa took me anyway and said
he would rub my back. I was no more up there, that I just rolled over and went to sleep. Grandma was surprised to see him back downstairs so soon.
Grandma came up to make sure I was ok a couple of times in the night. She also left the living room light on. Grandpa kept turning it off, but she
won in the end. In case I woke up it wouldn't be pitch dark.
I'm still sleeping. Grandma checked on me at 7:15 cause she thought she heard me, but no, still in dreamland. I love my bed here with the cozy blankets
and animals and things. I forgot to tell you that I walked right up when I needed my paci that was in the bed.

I hope you had as much fun eating yummy pizza (did you save some for me) and the movie. Grandma can't wait to hear how you liked it.
I miss you guys. I will see you after church. We're going to sit way up front so I can see the priest and hear the music really well.
Grandma already packed raisins, cheerios, and a small water, but I'm not supposed to know. I guess it will be a surprise if I get a little ancy.
I love you more than the sky is blue in summertime. I've heard Grandma say that to you, Mommy. I like it.

Please don't call as I am still sleeping, Grandma is going in the shower, and Grandpa went to the store to buy white bread, to make French toast.
Do I like that? Grandma hopes so. It will be a special treat since I am here. :):) They never make it just for them.

Happy Anniversary Sunday,
Love, Hugs, and Kisses,
Your beautiful, talented, intellectual, modest, little daughter,