Saturday, May 14, 2011

Emilie Mae

Is absolutely perfect!

Someone is excited:

Jo was amazing, and she's doing great right now!!!

It's a


Emilie Mae Patterson
7 pounds, 8 ounces

Someone's ready!

Someone is ready to be a big sister:

And I'm sure a peanut gallery isn't annoying at all when you are trying to have a baby:

Morning update

Morning folks!
Still no baby but we're really close now! Jo got a little rest overnight, and the baby did its thing, so Jo should be able to start pushing soon.

Friday, May 13, 2011

An update that's not really an update

I think there might be a few of these, because there were a few last time, but here we go anyway!

Jo's having some regular contractions now, a few minutes apart. Marin just left with Aunt Lindsay, under the guise of Toy Story and 'locolate milk.

We had a (non-baby-related) scare here at the hospital - blogger is blocked! But don't worry, we're working around it to provide all of you real-time updates!!

Go time, err....

Well, its not so much "go" time as "hurry up and wait" time. Jo's in the hospital now, and she's having regular contractions!
We're goin' in, and we're not leaving without a baby!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

No, I am not in labor.
No, I am not happy about it.

At this point, waiting to meet the baby, and find out the gender, and count his/her toes, and kiss his/her cheeks, is like TORTURE. Two things that I know for certain that I am not good at are: 1. sitting and 2. waiting. Doing both simultaneously this week has not brought out the best in me. Yesterday, I literally ran out of things to do. What are you supposed to do when your to-do list is clear, your house is clean, your laundry is done, your child is sleeping, you're supposed to "take it easy" and you can't stray far from home? I'll tell you what I did. I went a little insane. Then I went shopping. But with strict orders from the man of the house not to spend any money (wah-whuh), even that got old after I'd oogled over the fourth thing I wanted to buy. So, I came home to clean out the freezer, organize under the kitchen sink, and better organize an already organized cabinet. Today I washed the dog, which is always an adventure in and of itself.

But I digress. Today is Mother's Day, one of my favorite days of the year. It's a day that since I have become a mother myself, I have always considered to be more about my children than about me. I certainly have a lot to be thankful for, and definitely at the very tippy, tippy top of that list is the gift of being a mother. It truly is an honor. And it's all thanks to my 1 and 9.75/10 children that I get to celebrate this day. Being a mother is the reason I get to thank God every night for making us a family; no matter how many times Marin has tested my patience, or baby 2.0 refuses to budge from my apparently comfortable womb. To me, Mother's Day is a celebration of the miracle that is our family. And for it, I am forever grateful.

Add to this that I have my extraordinary mother and grandmother to celebrate today, that the sun is shining, that Marin randomly said to me today, "I love you, Mommy! I have a kiss?", and that I started my day with my sister-in-law Katy's to-die-for-homemade-takes-four-hours-to-make cinnamon rolls, and my happy pretty much is running over.

Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous moms out there! I truly hope that your day is your own version of cinnamon rolls and baby kisses, and that it's an excellent day with your families.

Now if I can just have this baby...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tick Tock...

Well, it's May. We're about a week away from my official due date, but I am ready for him/her to make its entrance into the world any time now. My bags are packed, we have a plan for Marin for every labor scenario depending on the time of day or night that I go into labor, the infant car seat is in the car, and this weekend (thanks to a marathon babysitting session by Grandma and Grandpa) Jason and I scrubbed our house from top to bottom until it shined like the top of the Chrysler building! (Who doesn't love an Annie reference?)

That's right. I was nesting so hard core, that I think it even rubbed off on Jason. We took out every drawer and shelf in the fridge and washed them, we rented the rug and upholstery cleaner and shampooed the couch and all the area rugs. We even organized Jason's workshop a little bit. If the baby doesn't come soon, I might show up at your house next. :)

As we were mid toilet scrub for Jason and dust mop for me, we both said how much we missed Jesus, our amazing no-nonsense (not to mention hilarious) house cleaner in Chicago. I think Jason and I both agree that although we'll never be able to find someone totally like Jesus out here (he still sends Christmas cards and calls on Marin's birthday), we need to someone. Anyone. I can organize all day long, but cleaning toilets is not for me. Sorry if that is snobbish; I'm just keeping it real.

Tomorrow while Marin is at school, I have a manicure and pedicure appointment. After that, the baby has my permission to come anytime. :) My feet are ugly enough, I don't need to be hanging them in the air all day unpedicured. Trust me, the hospital staff would talk. In the meantime, we are just waiting around, twiddling our thumbs, wondering when labor will begin. I'm obsessively checking my now nearly complete "to- do" list every minute as if something I've forgotten will magically appear.

Molly will keep everyone updated here on the blog when it does happen. She did this when Marin was born, and it was much requested that she do so again. For the last two days, becoming a big sister is all Marin talks about, and for the first time in 9 months, she has started saying that she thinks it's a boy baby. Do you think she knows something we don't? Only time will tell.... Tick tock, tick tock.....