Saturday, February 21, 2015

John John at 18 Months!

Hard to believe that my little guy is just a few months away from two!  He is absolute sunshine.  John smiles all day long.  We love that little dude so very much!  

Here's a little of what he's up to:

He says:
- Mow Mil (more milk)
- 'NACK!!!! (snack) always at the top of his lungs.
- mama, dada, mammma (grandma), bampa (grandpa), maremare (for Marin), lele (for emilie)
- "that dog!" when he sees a god.
- "tinky eet!" (stinky feet).  When you change his diaper or get him dressed/undressed, John sticks his feet in your face and smiles and says, "tinky eeet!"

He likes:
- cars and says "ooooooom, ooooom" (zoom zoom) when he pushes them around
- LOVES socks and shoes.  He likes to have socks and shoes on always.  He really likes to put his sisters boots on and walks around in them all the time.  He says, "socks" when we wakes up and then points to the closet where his shoes are, after his socks are on, to tell you that he wants to put those on next.
- loves his paci, and doggie and blanket.  He calls his paci a "nigh, nigh" (night night)
- He loves music class, clapping along and running all over the place.  He specifically loves playing with the instruments during the free play portion.

He knows his nose, head, eyes and mouth.  And he loves to point them out- even on you!

John follows his sisters EVERY move!  Literally every single thing they do, he tries to do, too.  He LOVES them so so much.

His first sentence the other day was, "Dank do, Mama." (thank you, mama) after I put his socks on.

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