Tuesday, January 28, 2014

John's Baptism!

John was Baptised on Sunday during a very special ceremony at Old St. Patrick's in Chicago.  This is the same church were Marin and Emilie were baptized, and it is a very special place, and is the oldest public building in Chicago.  I am delighted that John was welcomed into our faith in such a wonderful church.  Father Tom Hurley officiated the ceremony and it was very lovely and joyous.   Six other children were baptized at the same time, although it still felt very thoughtful and unique for our John John.

We asked Molly and Brian to be John's Godparents.  After our family, Molly and Brian are our nearest and dearest.  We know that they will be excellent examples to John and we hope that he grows up to be just like him.  Molly can teach John about true and lasting friendship, work ethic, dedication and maybe how to cook the perfect dinner dish. :)  These are just some of the things that make Molly so amazing.  Bri can teach John about being kind and generous, a great listener, a good friend, how to be resorseful and maybe a share a few jokes along the way.  We know that they will be very close, just as our girls are to Molly and Bri.  Jason just says that they can't influence him to be a Patriots fan.  :)

We celebrated with brunch at Wishbone after the ceremony.  I made floral arrangements for the tables and we had a beautiful cake and a delicious meal.  Jason and I were especially honored that both of our Godparents were there with us as well.  After I thanked everyone for coming and said what an honor it was to have Molly and Brian as John's Godparents, I asked Uncle Reed, my Godfather, to say a few words of prayer.  He wished for John to have a wonderful family, and togetherness as we had sitting at the table at that minute.  We all raised our mimosas in a toast and celebration to John.

John wore the same gown that Jake was baptized in.  It was really special to pass that on to him, and hopefully we will be able to pass it down to the next generation as well.  I had to Oxyclean it about six times though, so hopefully it makes it that long. John was wrapped in a white blanket that my great grandma, John's great great grandma, made and was given to me by my grandma.

It was such a special day for John and a wonderful one for our family!  A day for John that, along with the day he was born, I'll always remember with extreme love and fondness.  He was a perfect angel, and didn't make a single peep the entire time.  Molly and Brian took turns holding him and he was perfectly behaved.  Truly an angel.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Every Day Life with Three under Five.

Sometimes all three of my kids nap at the same time and when this miracle of miracles occurs,  I run around frantically doing 45 things in the time allowance for 3.  I have a never ending to do list, but I like it that way.  I am a list maker.  They keep me organized and make me feel on task.  Plus, at the end of the day, I love to see all the scratches through the things I got done.  With three kids, I'm all about the multitask.  I return phone calls and text messages while waiting in line for pre school pick up.  Although I am never on the phone when Marin gets back in the car.  Then we all greet her and ask about her day and tell her how much we missed her while she was gone.

John is on a pretty good schedule now.  It's a loose, my sister is in ballet now so I'm going to have my first nap in my car seat, type of schedule, but it's a schedule none the less.  He takes 3 naps a day.  His first one is about an hour after he wakes up, the second in the afternoon while Emilie naps, and the third is in the late afternoon.  We try to stick pretty close to an eat, play, sleep schedule, but again, sometimes we all have to be flexible.

Marin has just this week, I think given up her nap for good.  Now she has quiet, independent play during Emilie and John's afternoon nap.  This means that she is allowed to draw or write or read or do whatever she would like (other than tv) but she has to do it on her own and she needs to do it quietly. She likes it.  And I think its good for her.  Marin loves to draw pictures, use tape, cut, staple, color, write and then send mail.  We've spent a lot on postage and tape. :)  Who says no one sends a real letter anymore?  Marin would send 10 a day if I let her.  She also reads and writes many sentences on her own, and can sound almost everything out.  What she doesn't know how to spell, (like because), she asks.  And many times she remembers for the next time.  She has excellent handwriting and a crazy good memory.  Marin also LOVES to sing and dance.  She learns songs word for word after only hearing them once.  And she and Emilie love to put on shows together on the stage that Jason made them for Christmas (complete with a real curtain, real hardwood floor, spot lights on a dimmer, and accent lighting!). In addition to preschool and "church school"- one afternoon at the lutheran church- Marin is in gymnastics, ballet, theatre class and library class.

Emilie is a pistol.  She's funny, and smart and imaginative and fiery.  She loves to breastfeed her babies, (although I've also seen her do this from her stomach) and play pretend.  She loves anything with a handle and likes to "pack".  She is extremely verbal and  reports things back with hand motions and facial expressions to boot.  She likes to work on her "baputer", go to grandma and grandpas and snuggle.  She's almost always the first one awake in the morning announcing, "Mommy, I'm awake!! It's morning time!!!"  Emilie is "friends" with everyone she meets.  If she sees someone in Target, for example, that she has seen only one other time before (including in the parking lot 3 minutes prior) she announces, "That's my friend!  He's nice to me!" Recently we were at Aunt Vee and Uncle GUB's house.  We passed a worn down farm and Jason said, "Oh, there's old Willy Waller's house."  Because I had never heard of him before, I asked, "Who is Willy Waller?" and Emilie pipped up immediately, "Willy Waller's my friend."  I said, "Oh yeah?"  And she said, "Yeah.  He's nice to me."  Emilie is in ballet and library class and she goes two days a week to "school".

Jason doesn't want the girls to ever grow up.  Of course, neither do I.  But sometimes they will do something that seems so grown up and Jason will joke, "Marin, I thought I told you not to grow up!"  She laughs and laughs and says that she has to grow up so she can be a (doctor, ballerina, wild kratt- whatever her future career aspiration of the week is) but that she is never going to get married and she's going to live with us forever.  Emilie, however, asked me recently if she could "pease have a fancy wedding when I grow up?!"

One day at nap time I heard a little commotion upstairs so I went up to investigate and I found Marin in Emilie's bed,  both of them giggling like crazy.  If that isn't a symphony of music to a mom's ears,  I don't know what is.  I always tell Jason, in the end, all our three kids will have is each other.  So if they sometimes join forces against us, as long as they do it amicably and respectfully, it's almost adorable.

Yes, every day life is often a little nutty and I would be nowhere with out my lists.  But it's the little moments that make life so truly grand.  The many cards and pictures from Marin with "I love you Mommy" written at the top.  Or one of Emilie's epic snuggles, or a giant toothy grin from John.  It's seeing the girls playing house together or practicing their sashay in circles around the living room, or working together to try to get me to make mac and cheese for lunch.  It's watching them love their brother so genuinely and kiss his forehead so sweetly.  Those are the moments of pure and abundant joy in my life.  And they are the moments that I cling to on the not so joyful days.  But thats another post... :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A letter to John

Dear John John,

You are delicious.  I love you so much.  You have brought us all so many smiles and such love, and have rounded out our family making us truly complete.

Your dad and I marvel at your tiny little features as if we have totally forgotten what its like to have a little hand and five fingers fit completely inside our palms.  You smile constantly and coo and you are easy to fall head of heals in love with.  Your sisters are just as smitten.  They love to hover over you and sing you songs and kiss you and hug you and tell you good morning. They administer their admiration with gusto.  They both want to hold you, and Marin proudly claims to be able to pick you up after I once asked her to "hold" you for a 3 second photo opp.

When I feed you and rock you, you smile up at me like I am the greatest person in the world and I am instantly filled with love.  When you nurse you swing your one arm up and sometimes rest your tiny hand on my nose or mouth.  I kiss it a thousand times when you do.  Then I kiss your forehead and tell you over and over again how much I love you.  And I do.

I wonder often about what you'll do to our dynamic.  You spend A LOT of time already with all girls. You are going to be the worlds best boyfriend/husband.  You make us gals laugh.  When daddy is gone Marin calls it "Mommy and girls and John night".  You are never forgotten, but she's sure not to lop you in as "the girls". :)  I am hoping that you will be sensitive and sweet, teach your sisters to throw a spiral and steer them away from all the jerks in the locker room.  I think your sisters are hoping you'll want to be Flynn Ryder when they play Rapunzel.

I can't wait to watch you grow.  I hope you're never too cool to privately hear how much I love you.  I hope you don't grow tired of my snuggles too quickly.  I hope you always know that I will always be here for you.  That I will never be too busy for you.  That I will always be your mommy, and you will always be my baby- even when you're 16 or 22.  I hope you have lofty goals and I hope you reach most of them.  I hope that when you fail, you will try again.  I hope you chase your passions with gusto.  I hope you will always be a gentleman.  And I hope that you'll always come home to your mama.  :)

Words can never describe how much I love you, John.  But I hope you always know anyway.  I love you as high as the sky and as big as the sun.  And more.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

John William- 5 Months Old!

5 month stats: 
weight: 14lbs 9oz. (25%)
height: 26" (50%)

John sat up for the first time on January 1st, with only minimal support.  He sits on his own for about a second.  

He took a bottle for the first time right before Christmas.  Glory glory.  I am still nursing him, but now we can occasionally leave him with a sitter for a little mommy/daddy time.  

He loves his paci.  

He sleeps on his tummy.  

He went through a period of waking up again at night.  It was crazy.  But I think we are finally almost near sleeping through the night again.  He loves the suck his paci in his crib and likes me to rub his back.  When I give him his paci in his crib he reaches up and holds my hands for a little bit while he closes his eyes and falls asleep.  It's adorable.  

He likes his little mat that sings classical music and has little guys hanging from it.  He loves his little rattle from Molly and Bri that lights up.  

He wants to move.  When he's on his tummy he moves his legs back and forth and tries to crawl. 

He had his first little illness- high fever and first urgent care visit the night before his 5 month birthday.  lasted about 48 hours.  

He's very happy and smiley.  He charms everyone he meets with this wide and happy instant smile.