Sunday, November 9, 2014

John's Walking!!!!

John took his first steps from my mom to Auntie Molly at his first birthday party.  And he took a lot of little steps in between but once he realized what he was doing, he'd always drop back down on his knees and speed off crawling.  The kid can crawl SO fast!

A week ago he walked across the room outside Emilie's ballet class.  No one even saw him, except this little sister (a two year old) said, "he walking! he walking!" and we all looked up in amazement.  But he didn't really walk much after that.

But today he took off!  He boy is he proud of himself!!!  Now he's walking everyone nonstop.  He's a true walker!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall 2014

Our Fall has flown by!  We've had a great time!!  Marin and Emilie both LOVE school and have made a lot of really great, nice new friends.  I have even been able to make new what Emilie calls  "mommy friends".

We went of vacation to Michigan with my college friends and their families, we have been to a few different pumpkin patches, we had (and organized) a campout at the club, we picked apples, the girls ran their first ever fun run, we went to the farm, and McKenna farms, we had an awesome Halloween and we saw my dad to victory with the county board!