Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby's Best Friend!

Emilie said her first word last week.  Well, first word other than Mama, Dada or Hi. 

She looked and Norah and pet her saying, "Awggie" (Doggie).   


Since then she also says, "Uggie" for Huggie when she leans in to hug us. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ear Tubes for Emilie

Poor Emilie had five ear infections in one year, so her Pediatrician sent us to the ENT.  I went in with my dukes up, announcing that I didn't want her to have tubes.  To his credit he calmly told me that was 100% my choice, but advised a hearing test.  When it came back that she really couldn't hear at all (for a year she could only hear like hear under water), and that she had so much fluid in her ears that she was in pain, my decision was easy.  Give the poor girl some relief and let her hear.

June 18th was the day.  The process was short and relatively easy.  She did cry when they took her in, and she cried hard and was extremely irritable for a solid half hour when they wheeled her back to me, as the anesthesia wore off.  But after that, she was her old self again quickly.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy, and this summer has been a doozie.  Her right ear bled a lot.  So much so that it dried in the ear canal and blocked the tube.  She failed the hearing screen in that ear two weeks later at her post-opp appointment.  They extended the drops in that ear, and I think finally we have some relief.  She goes back on Monday the 9th for another look and hearing screen and hopefully this time she passes.

 n the meantime, she is sleeping better and making all kinds of new sounds.  And she has snazzy fitted plugs for swimming. 


Monday, June 4, 2012

We've Been Framed!

Or rather, our house has.   I have maybe never in my life seen people work as hard as they did at our house today.  So I bought them lunch.  They were still working today well after 5.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rapunzel at Steel Beam with Grandma!

Grandma took Marin and Emilie and me to see Rapunzel at the Steel Beam theater at the beginning of June.  We had a blast!  As a bonus, our neighbor, Sydney, was in the play.  Marin had her sign her program afterward.  Marin thinks Sydney is pretty much the coolest person on the planet.
After the show Grandma treated everyone to ice cream.  What a special day!!