Monday, July 21, 2014

John John- 11 Months Old!

John- John is 11 Months Old! He's happy as can be, loves his sisters, crawls all over the place (on his hands and knees now!), pulls to stand, "cruises" around furniture and smilies all. the. time!  We love this little bundle of joy SO MUCH!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

My pledge

Now that I am done having babies I pledge to...

... get skinny
... take pure barre classes in hopes of one day attaining the Michelle Obama arms I so covet.
... whiten my teeth
... dye my hair
... shower semi regularly
... wear makeup
... update my wardrobe
... stop wearing the underwear I bought my mom bought for me in college
... buy a well fitting bra
... do two things a year just for me
... maintain hands and feet non reminiscent of the apes from which I descended
... get calm
... patent a spray scent that smells like babies
... take a billion pictures and try to memorize every precious moment of my babies now

............ not beat myself up when none of these happen because I'm a mom and really who has the time?