Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny

Well it's not actually a yellow polka dot bikini, but Marin is wearing a swimsuit!!!!!!

A few weeks ago she put it on, danced around saying it was comfy and off to the pool we went!!  We've been back every day since.

Marin advanced another level in swim lessons, and the instructors tell me that she is an extremely good swimmer for her age.  She happily showed off her bathing suit and swimming skills at my Aunt and Uncle's house last weekend. 

Also, Marin's temper tantrums are nearly completely gone.  Her anxieties are totally gone.  She still has some issues with clothes, but the OT is working well, and we're drinking every last drop of the kool-aid, so-to-speak. 

So.... I said I'd throw a party when she wore a swimsuit, and you know I did!  I didn't tell Marin that it was because of her swimsuit wearing, but I told her to invite all of her friend over for a Friday water party.  We had 16 little children running through the sprinkler and the pool and all over the yard.  So much fun!!!